A TikToker Has Made The Worst Game Imaginable

From abhorrent controls and music to unskippable dialogues and an escort mission – this game has it all.

Image Credit: Everywhere Nowhere, Monster Sniper Season 3

If you are feeling particularly masochistic today and would like to spend a couple of hours immersed in an experience that can only be described as the gaming equivalent of the fingernails on a chalkboard sound, then you should definitely give this new title a try.

Back in November 2023, a TikTok user and Game Developer known as Everywhere Nowhere set on a noble mission to envision the worst video game in the world that would make such disappointments as Gollum, Redfall, and The Day Before seem like masterpieces of game development. In just a few short months, the creator has managed to set up an absolutely abominable platformer, using his own ideas and those left by fans in the comments, which amalgamated the most despised game features into one package, offering the epitome of the worst gaming experience imaginable.

Image Credit: Everywhere Nowhere, Monster Sniper Season 3

Meet Monster Sniper Season 3, a 2D platformer made with one goal in mind – to make the player suffer. As of now, the list of MSS3's infuriating features includes an abhorrent control scheme that requires moving the character with the mouse and aiming with the keyboard, an appalling soundtrack that somehow manages to make shittyflute's compositions sound good, an extensive unskippable dialogue, an auto-scrolling escort mission where your companion continually alters speed, and a dog that explodes if you attempt to pet it.

On top of that, the game also demands an internet connection to kick off, forces players to regularly compliment the main character to maintain its mood, only has five saves for the entire playthrough, and includes tons of hard-to-acquire upgrades, most of which don't do anything. The game is currently available on Itch.io and can be played for free.

Image Credit: Everywhere Nowhere, Monster Sniper Season 3

We highly recommend also checking out Everywhere Nowhere's TikTok page to learn more about MSS3's features and stay tuned for future updates.

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