Isometric Space-Western RPG Inspired by The Mandalorian & Trigun

Check out DRAKE, an upcoming game featuring intense top-down action and engaging role-playing mechanics.

Indie game development studio Solarsuit Games has issued a statement announcing that they are extending the Playtest period for DRAKE, the team's upcoming space-western action RPG inspired by The Mandalorian, Firefly, and Trigun.

Image Credit: Solarsuit Games, DRAKE

For those unaware, DRAKE was first announced back in 2021, described as a game about humanity that forgot how to be humans in a constant rush for resources, power, and control. The game promises to deliver a modern twist on classic RPGs, merging a compelling narrative with dynamic top-down shooter action, all driven by a unique trait progression system.

Image Credit: Solarsuit Games, DRAKE

In DRAKE, your decisions not only impact the world and unfolding events but also shape the personality of your protagonist, offering an immersive role-playing experience. The character's development centers around three primary attributes (Strength, Charisma, and Intellect), which enhance your character's abilities and shape the dynamics of gameplay. They are also complemented by a variety of perks that can be earned through leveling up, completing quests, and achieving specific milestones in the game.

Image Credit: Solarsuit Games, DRAKE

"Every major point on the map is more than a destination; it's a pivotal moment in your story," reads the game's description on Steam. "You must decide which faction aligns with your worldview and who you will join forces with as your journey continues. There's no turning back – the chase is on!"

Image Credit: Solarsuit Games, DRAKE


  • 3D isometric action with consequential choices;
  • Character development in a life-altering adventure;
  • A non-linear story filled with engaging characters;
  • A world teeming with factions and powers to explore;
  • An original soundtrack to enhance your experience;
  • Sand that’s coarse and rough and gets everywhere!

Image Credit: Solarsuit Games, DRAKE

According to the latest announcement, the playtest period has been extended until January 15, 2024. You can learn more and request access by visiting DRAKE's Steam page. We also recommend checking out the game's official Twitter page to check out behind-the-scenes demos and learn more about the development process behind DRAKE.

Image Credit: Solarsuit Games, DRAKE

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