Real-Time Fur Simulation Achieved With UE5's Groom & Path Tracer

Hirokazu Yokohara has demonstrated an adorable fluffy creature set up in Unreal Engine 5.

Japanese 3D Artist and Generalist Hirokazu Yokohara, widely known for setting up marvelous simulations and visual effects using various 3D software, impresses us once again with yet another amazing setup. This time, the creator experimented with Unreal Engine 5's Path Tracer and Groom tools, creating a stunning real-time fur simulation for a fluffy digital creature. According to Hirokazu, UE5's Path Tracer might surpass other GPU renderers in the future if Nanite is fully supported.

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  • Anonymous user

    Would be great to see such post as a Tutorial (how-was-made) or, at least with some very informative insides... Cheers


    Anonymous user

    ·5 days ago·

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